The Risk of Not Knowing How to Invest

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“Simpler, Safer Investing: How NOT to Lose Money, Over 110 Years of Investing History Cannot be Wrong”
Many people are missing the chance to earn boundless profits in the stock market. This could be for many reasons: some people don’t know how to invest or where to start, many are intimidated by investing, and some may be too reluctant to ask simple questions. For these reasons and more, many people pass on the opportunity to gain financial freedom and unlimited earning potential on their investments in the stock market. But there is help!
Sherwin Presley Brown has more than three decades of experience with investing and providing expert financial advice. He has collected his sure-fire and common-sense ideas into one book you ought to own. Brown will show you how to never lose money in the market. Never. Guaranteed! You will learn secrets from some of the most successful investors in the world. You will learn how a $40 one-time investment compounded via dividends to a whopping $11 million. He will professionally coach you on what types of companies to invest in, demonstrating why they are good and how they will earn you money. Guaranteed! Even when the market is down, your stocks can still earn money—you will understand what it means to love a bear market.Finally, a how-to book on money and finance that doesn’t require an Ivy League degree to comprehend. Understand how to completely remove your emotions and insecurities from investing. Brown will show you how to start a portfolio with as little as $25 per month and become the master of your own financial destiny. All the mystery and uncertainty is removed, all of the questions you have about investing are answered. Get started on your financial empire today.

Investing Doesn’t have to be Painful, Difficult, or Risky

Investing for the future isn’t everyone’s forte. Some people avoid investment at all costs; others are quick to fall for hot investment opportunities at the peak of their value, only to be sorely disappointed to see their money circling the drain. But the truth is, investing doesn’t have to be painful, difficult, or risky. In a recession-stressed economy where Social Security isn’t a promise, all adults should understand their investment options to plan for a secure future. In The Safer 401(k), learn how to simply be the director of your own finances in safe stocks, safer investing, dividend-paying stocks, employer-based plans, and more!

Book Reviews

“How to pick safe stocks.”

“This is a great book for someone who want’s to invest in the stock market and wants to pick safe stocks. The author’s advice is to pick stocks in companies that provide a service or product that every one uses. These companies will never go out of business. Examples are: utilities, food suppliers, railroads, etc.. Another great piece of advice is to pick companies that pay dividends. These dividends should then be reinvested in buying more stocks. This is just a small sampling of the advice the author gives in this book. The book is not complicated and very easy to understand. I highly recommend this book.”

-Wayne F. Haag – Retired College Professor

“When people recommend books, I usually roll my eyes and forget …”

“When people recommend books, I usually roll my eyes and forget it. But, after hearing people repeatedly quote Mr. Brown’s principles, I picked up his book. I was duly impressed; written in a sharp, clear, easy-to-understand, and a pure pleasure to read. I read it in one afternoon. I know some people are afraid to wade into finance. I assure you, if you are a Harvard MBA or a stay-at-home Mom, you will enjoy this book and you will learn from it–I have already changed my portfolio based on Mr. Brown’s ideas. I am an engineer, numbers and logic are what appeal to me. I strongly recommend this book, you will not regret buying it. And it’s an enjoyable read to boot!”

-Patrick Mack

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Who is Sherwin Brown?

Sherwin BrownThanks for visiting my web page! Born on the island of Jamaica in dirt-poor poverty, Sherwin Presley Brown was blessed with the personality, great work ethic, and positive attitude that rocketed him to unimaginable heights of success. Through the support and guidance of hard-working parents and siblings, Sherwin is living proof that honest effort and great expectations are truly the path that will lead you anywhere you want to go. He has been an entrepreneur since I was twelve years old. He currently have four books published. Two written by Sherwin and two co-authored with his son. Check them out on the tab above “Books”.

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