You Can Never Save Money by Spending Money!

Money Lesson Number #129: You Can never save money by spending money! Don’t let the Geico ad with that cute little talking and dancing  gecko lizard fool you–the only truth about that commercial is that every fifteen minutes, you and millions of people are just adding more money to Warren Buffet’s already $70-plus billion; he Continue Reading »

Two Financial Headlines That Will Shock You

Here are two money news headlines that will have you shaking your head 1) Per CNN Only 48% of Americans have invested in the Stock Markets, this includes 401(k) money. That means 52% are missing out on the over 200% return in the past six years. There will be a lot of broke retired Continue Reading »

Last Minute Tax Tip To Get A Bigger Refund!

Here is a quick and very easy way to get a bigger refund (or owe fewer taxes) while saving for your retirement at the same time! 1) Contribute $5,500 ($6,500 if you are 50 or older) to a traditional IRA … do not do a ROTH 2) Invest the money in FIVE different dividend paying companies for Continue Reading »

Stop Paying Your Electric Bill

How to get your current gas and electric company to eventually pay you more than you’re paying them each month.   Did you know if you live in Florida and you pay your utility company, such as FLP {real name is Nexta Energy—(NEE)}, at the average monthly cost of $183 for 32 years, it will Continue Reading »

The Hacking of America

Why We All Have Been Already Hacked! Hacked! 80-plus million Anthem-Blue Cross, over 60 million Target Stores, over 56 million Home Depot,  JP Morgan has been hacked over 76 million …  E*Trade? And these are just the ones who are coming forward . There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies who have not come Continue Reading »