Book Review

“A MUST Read”

“I found Safer 401(k) Investing very informative. This book was written in a simpler, more understandable style than I expected in a book about investing. Thus, the information given was very easy for me to understand. I particularly liked the advice about being sure to invest in dividend paying stocks in which you reinvest the dividends automatically. If you want to invest in your own 401(k), this is a MUST read”

-Wayne F. Haag – Retired College Professor

Common sense wealth building

Excellent advise for those looking to build long term wealth. Easy to understand and a funny read as well. Thank you Sherwin for helping me to get my financial positions in a more stable state.

-David M Felts

“Great fast read, as informative as books by Peter Lynch”

I am a long term advanced investor in equities, bonds, options . . ., and I was impressed by this book. Sherwin Brown wrote a very funny, engaging and informative piece on investing. This is not an easy task. I thought I had 401K investing figured out but I was wrong. Sherwin brings a fresh perspective on the difference between traditional 401k and Roth 401k investing. This section affected me so much that after reading it, I wasted no time, picked up my iPad and changed my investing direction in my own 401k. The time it took to change my Roth 401k back to a traditional 401k (about 90 seconds) was time well spent. Just this move alone will save me thousands and thousands of dollars, and that is just this year.

I highly recommend this read. Happy investing everyone!

-Elaine Kanige

Quick, Effective, High ROI type of read

I started and finished this wonderful book in one sitting over Memorial Day Weekend. What a great read! I found the 30/70 rule to make a lot of sense in terms of portfolio balance. Sherwin takes the complicated terminology and financial-speak out of smart investing strategies and breaks it down in a way so that the common person can understand. Furthermore, the book is divided into distinct chapters so that the reader can simply dive into an area of interest to him or her. This book is a keeper and WELL worth the investment!

– GReignCity

AWESOME! You have to read this book!!

I immensely enjoyed reading this book. Generally books revolving around investments are dry, bland, and boring to read. This book was the complete opposite -once I began reading it I could not put it down. It’s a very easy read and extremely informative. I could tell Sherwin only had his client’s interest at heart and gave great advice. I am very happy I ordered this book and even shared it with my coworker too.

– Ash

Common Sense

First, I’m not much of a reader unless it has to do with sports. I usually skim over reading but not this time. It was an easy read, well written with some humor to bute. Sherwin explains how to take emotion out of investing, so so true. This book takes a common sense approach to investing. I love Sherwin’s line in the book that reads “I believe in zigging when everybody else is zagging”. He gives great advise throughout and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be financially secure. Thank You Sherwin.

– Tom

“A Book Worth Reading and Re-reading”

After reading Sherwin’s book, I like how he made it easier to understand investing and how to keep emotions out of investing. Most importantly, he helps empower a person to invest on their own or to ask the relevant questions when looking for a financial advisor to help them reach their financial goals.

– “DeeGee”

“Excellent Book !”

My wife and I have never really understood the nitty gritty of 401(K), other than realizing it is going to be an important part of our life. After looking around and going through a few books on Amazon, we found this little gem. Best of all it is such an easy read for people folks who are not into finance or don’t have a financial advisor. Great starter book and highly recommend it for anyone interested in planning well ahead for retirement !!

– Hernan Barrientos, MBA

“A Must Have”

Upon receiving this book I began reading it immediately and did not put it down, not only because it’s easy to read and understand but it is actually intriguing! I had no knowledge or understanding of investments or 401(k) and as a single mom I didn’t think I had the time to try to understand but Sherwin’s book has made it very easy for me and I am looking forward to implementing the tools he has given me!

– Shamac

“Great Book for the Average Investor”

Sherwin breaks it down into straight forward everyday language that you can follow and see the fundemental logic of his strategy. His approach is for the long term investor that builds towards incremental growth with as little risk as possible in these highly political and up/down times as to what is truely influencing the market. He cuts through the bull&*%$ being sold both from the government and by the financial mouth pieces of the cable news network. If you get this book and follow its guidance you will be on a better path for building your wealth and providing financial security for your family.

– Lenny

“Great Information”

In the past, when trying to read about investing, my eyes would glaze over by page 2. This book was easy to read and more importantly, easy to understand. It even had some humor, which you rarely find when reading about investing! Also, it’s information is practical for those if us who don’t have a lot of extra money laying around just waiting to be invested.

– Julie M.

“Safer 401 (k) EXCELLENT, easy to read & understand”

I don’t read many finance books because I think they will speak over my head. Sherwin Brown’s “Safer 401(k) Investing” was not only informational, but it is a VERY easy read, was full of relevant ideas & strategies, and is written is a friendly voice, even humorous at times. If you have a friend or family member who puts money in their 401, buy them this book NOW or recommend this book–they will make their investment back 1,000 times over. I’m already using Brown’s strategies. Thank you, Mr. Brown!

– Patrick Mack

“Safer 401k investing”

An easy read! Factual information which highlights many things one should and shouldn’t do for safe investments, plus a wealth of information regarding the following topics and more – Health Insurance, Education, Home Ownership, Taxes and Retirement. Enjoy!

– Spalding Clif