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Amazing Facts on The Major Credit Card Companies and As You Shop This Holiday Season 2015

As you spend money this month on holiday shopping, here are some amazing facts on the most popular credit and debit cards that I am 99.99% sure are in your, pockets, purses, wallets and handbags: Bonus

Holiday Shopping 2015
1. Nine years ago, a person charged $5,000* on his/her MasterCard and today she/he still trying to pay off the balance if they only pay the minimum required monthly payment

2. Nine years ago, another person invested $5,000 in MasterCard Stock (bought shares). Today that $5,000 is worth $106,203

3. Now, which person will you be 10, 20 or even 40 years from now?

Please click on the link below if you want to see how well you would have done with shares of Visa and American Express and, even, astonishingly

(MA) Starting trading as public in 2006: Today’s Value of $5,000 invested is now worth $106,203
June 08 of 2006 $5,000 divided by $ 4.61 = 1 084.59 x 97.92 current (current price 12/07/2015) = $106,203

Visa (V): Starting trading as public in 2008: Today’s Value of $5,000 invested is now worth $29,749.00
Visa : May 19 of 2008 $5,000 divided by $ 13.37 = 383.97 shares 79.55 x current (12/07/2015) = $29,749

American Express (AXP): Has been publicly trading for over 43 years. Starting trading as public in 2006: Today’s Value of $5,000 invested is now worth $106,203.

June 01 1972: $5,000 divided by $ 1.42 = 3,521.12 shares x 70.61.55 (current price 12/07/2015) = $248,627)

And now for an, even more, Amazing facts on a company that you must use credit or debit cards to pay;!

I am very sure you someone you know is doing some shopping on Now, let see how well you would have done if you invested the same $5,000 when AMZ first became a publicly traded company on May 16, 1997, as of 12/07/2015.

$1,935,924.85!! Yes, your $5,000 would be now worth almost $2 Million USD.

Oh, Amazon is the one stock that does not pay any dividends that I wrote in my book, “: How NOT to Lose Money, Over 110 Years of Investing History Cannot Be Wrong”, a book you must buy.

And, if you had just bought just one share when my book was published last year November 24, 2014, it would have cost you $335.64 but that one share would be worth as of today $677.33, over 100% in return–compare that to your savings and checking account that is only paying less than one percent.

* Very Important fact when you charged and owed money on your credit cards; that money is not owed to MasterCard or Visa, it is owed to the bank or firm where you make the monthly payment.

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The US Economy Always Goes Through Cycles, Good and Bad!

Guess which one is coming up?

Recession 1

I had a dream last night that I was temporarily lost in the woods where it had freshly snowed. Actually, it was more like a nightmare since; I truly hate snow, ice and cold weather. Then, this morning I was outside in my garden and, even though I live in sunny South Florida, I noticed that the tree squirrels were very busy preparing for what passes for winter down here. I watched them run back and forth for a while; then I thought of something;

We should enjoy living in the moment, but we must also prepare for the future.

I have noticed that even very wealthy people save for “rainy days.”

The American economy has done well since the last recession in 2008; it has had over six years of continuous growth. Yes, this is good news, but the bad news is that the American economy goes through cycles and we are due for a correction.

In 1995 through 1999, we had an economic boom due to technology growth, partly due to the fear we had about the doom & gloom of the impending Y2K.

Remember, we were brainwashed to believe that we had to upgrade our computers because they were only programmed to go up to the year 1999 and not 2000. So, on Jan 1, 2000, every business and every home had new computers, new software, new applications–and in the first quarter of 2000, there was almost zero sales activity at computer stores and outlets. Hello, tech-bust.

2008 housing bubble

With a lot of Government spending, we climbed out of that recession only to build another bubble; The housing bubble!   From 2004 -2007 we saw the value of real estate go through the roof only to see another bubble burst in 2008. Again, the US Government intervened with massive spending, and from 2009 through now in 2015. We steadily recovered due to very low interest rates and very cheap loans.

The oil sector in the USA used this cheap money to put in massive infrastructures and used new technology to pull huge amounts of oil and natural gas out of the ground. This put OPEC in a wringer as they had legitimate competition, which drove prices down. The great news is that we have an oversupply of oil and natural gas. The bad news is that the abundance of oil sends the oil prices crashing over 65 percent from its high in 2008.

oil bubble

With infrastructures in place and oil prices so low, the huge spending also has come to a screeching halt, and we can clearly see that the US economy is now starting to slow down. What does all this mean? Very clearly it means that whenever spending stops, an economy will again head for a recession.

What should you do? Well, just like the tree squirrels in South Florida and very busy ones in the northern parts of America getting ready for the winter months ahead, you need to start planning for some rocky times ahead. How do you do that?

Start saving at least 20 percent of your income. Cutback and only buy things you do not really need. Maybe look for a more secure job.

Pay off as many of your loans as you can, especially the ones where you cannot deduct the interest rate on your taxes. Think of all the things you wish you had done before the last recession and do them now.

Yes, the recession may not come in the next, month, next year, two years or five, but I know one thing for sure–it will come.


Thanks for your time and attention and remember to learn more by getting
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An Amazing True Story About A One-Time $40 Investment

Here is an amazing true money story about a one-time $40 investment …

Coca Cola story 1

So, you have been waiting for a correction to buy shares of a good profitable stock (companies like Chevron or Exxon Mobile) that has been increasing its quarterly dividends for the past 50 years.

When the stock price of the company finally went down, you pounced on it and bought some shares, but a few days later the whole stock market dropped like a rock, and the price of  your newly owned shares went down along with the others!

What Should you Do?

Foolish investors will let their emotions get the better of them, panic and sell off, but Intelligent Investors know that this is a good thing.   Intelligent Investors know that at a lower price, the cash dividends will re-invest (assuming they are in a dividend reinvestment plan, aka DRIP) and buy more shares at these much lower prices.

Yes, we all want the stock markets to go up, up and up and away! However, that is very unrealistic–history has proven time and time again that the stock market does go up, but it must correct (come back down to a lower level).

The second guaranteed fact is this; after the stock market crashes, or corrects, for over 110 years now it always goes back up to a much higher levels than before. Intelligent Investors have an iron stomach–they buckle their seatbelts, ride out the storm and are wealthier in the long run.

Let’s use a very true story, one that even Warren Buffet even is on record telling. In 1919, when The Coca-Cola Company started selling shares to the to the public, the price per share was $40, but one year later the American economy was in turmoil and the Coca-Cola Company stocks plummeted to $19 per share–that is a whopping 52% decline.

If you were a foolish investor, and you panicked and you sold off, you would have lost over half your money! However, the Coca-Cola Company started to pay a quarterly dividend in 1920.

And here is this remarkable true story; for the people that were smart and held on to that one share that only cost $40 and did not add one penny more; they just sat back and let the all the dividends reinvested, the value of that one share that had dropped from $40 to $19 is now worth over $11 million U.S. dollars as of today September 11, 2015.

This amazing story is not only true with the Coca-Cola Company but any company that has been around and integrated into the American economy for over 30-plus years.

coca Cola true story2

These are companies that you, I and millions of people MUST pay for their products and services each day; a few good examples are your gas and electric company that is a utility company.

Since I started off this topic with petrol companies, another good example is the fact that you, I and millions of people put gas in our cars and trucks every week or every two week.

Sometimes when I tell the amazing-but-true $40 story of the Coca-Cola Company, a few people always say, “that was then, but now it is different.” I always ask, “Did you put any money in an increasing dividends paying companies twenty years ago?” The answer is always no from these doubting people. However, I always ask again “How much do you have now” and they get the point.

The fact is that most people plan on being around twenty years from now, and if you do not start doing something, even if it is a small step, you are going to be worse off  than you are now!

In summary, you cannot buy time, but when it comes to compounding dividends, time buys you lots of money!

Thanks for your time and attention, and for those of you who want to have a lot more money in the future, please get a copy of one of my powerful but easy-to-read investment books Very Powerful books that are sold everywhere e-books on paperbacks books are sold.


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Summer 2015 Stock Sell Off!

Summer 2015: The Usual Summer Stock Sale Is Finally Here !!

Hope you and your loved ones have had a very happy and fun Summer!! .

It has been an unusually busy one for me.

Markets Update:

Buy When There is Fear, Sell When People Get Greedy. The August Stock Sell Off

The usual summer stock sale is finally here.

For awhile there, I thought we wouldn’t have a stock sell off this year but, thanks to the secret crisis in China and the annual crisis of bankrupted Greece, we now have the annual summer dumping of stocks! These are the times I have been telling you about for years; this is a time in the market when the emotional investor will panic and sell … even if it means losing money.

Folks, you don’t make money by buying high and selling low. Especially when everyone is doing a stock sell off

So, what should you do in August 2015 when everyone is sell, sell, selling? If I were you, I would be Buy! Buy! Buying!

This is where the intelligent investor searches for bargains in safer dividend-paying stocks. These are company stocks where millions of people must buy and use their products and services every day.

Learn how you can use these annual stock sales to earn lots of money for the long-term by checking my Financial Blogs and get a copy of my book, “Simpler Safe Investing”; at www.sherwinpbrown.comm

Warren Buffetts only two rlues

I wrote this blog ” Beware of the Ides of August below, three years ago:

***” Beware of the Ides of August

You Can Never Save Money by Spending Money!

Money Lesson Number #129: You Can never save money by spending money!

Don’t let the Geico ad with that cute little talking and dancing  gecko lizard fool you–the only truth about that commercial is that every fifteen minutes, you and millions of people are just adding more money to Warren Buffet’s already $70-plus billion; he owns the Geico Insurance Company.


Always remember this: if you are spending any money, you are not saving, no matter how good the deal is, even if it is on sale for 99.99% sale off.

You did not save money if you bought it, you spent money (more often than not wasting money on junk that you will not need in a month), your money is going from your pocket to someone else’s pocket and, usually it is a billionaire or a multi-billion dollar company.

The only time you save money is when your hard-earned money stays in your pocket, whether it just sits at your home, in your checking account or in a portfolio that you own.

Learn the little tricks that corporations use to get your money.  Every time you see any kind of ad, such as TV commercials, printed ads, a sponsor page on your Smartphone via Facebook or Google, they have one goal in mind; to take your money from you forever!

The old saying is true: “A fool and his money are soon parted,” or even worse, “A fool and his money are soon partying.” But there is even a much better saying: “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.”

My favorite stratagem is to pay yourself first. Each time money comes into your hand, save/invest twenty percent (20%) and spend the other eighty percent (80%).

I know at times you must buy goods and services, but what you should know is that each time you spend money, it is going to make a large multinational corporation or someone wealthier and you poorer

(Please see one of my earlier  blog: Get Rich off the Very Companies You Pay Each Month for Goods and Services [Gas, Electricity, and Water Companies]). 

Most people have been duped into spending money. All ads no matter how simple or sophisticated are designed to wire your brain to make you give up your money to someone else. It is not easy, but you have to rewire your brain to know when you are getting duped.

A good way to start is with your children by letting them know that most TV and other commercial advertising are not 100% true. Our seven-year-old now always asks us each time he sees a TV ad, “Is it true?” and rarely are any of them true!

But, you can also always ask yourself by saying, “Can I go one day without it?” and the next day, ask the same question and most of the time, you will keep you hard earn money. The products or services are often things that you can live comfortably without.

Here is a quote from one of the first book ever written about money that will never change, The Richest  Man in Babylon“; Ten percent of what you earn is yours to keep.” 

buffet20My hope is that one day, people will realize that they have been tricked emotionally always to turn over their money to billionaire or people who already have more money than they do. 

“Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like”. –Will Rogers

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Love Always

Two Financial Headlines That Will Shock You

Here are two money news headlines that will have you shaking your head

Breaking News

1) Per CNN Only 48% of Americans have invested in the Stock Markets, this includes 401(k) money. That means 52% are missing out on the over 200% return in the past six years. There will be a lot of broke retired people in the future.

2) Per  So much money is going into Swiss Banks that the Swiss government is paying a negative rate of return, in other words, people are paying the Swiss Government to hold their own money … that is stupid.

Here is the great news; sooner than later, they have to come back in the stock market, and this will push the markets higher. I will make a prediction that within less than 18 months, the DOW (the 30 industrial stocks) will move from 18,000 to over 20,000!

In addition, these people are who work for a company that matches their employees’ contributions are actually saying to their employer, “That extra money that you are paying me so I do not have to work for forever and will have better much better financial life when I retire? Keep you money I do not want it, I want to be a worker bee for the rest of my life.”

Per CNBC .com:  Seventy-three percent of employers who have a 401(k) Plans for their employees match their employees contributions. Companies such as Wal-Mart Google, Medtronic, Starbucks will match 100% of your first 4-6% contribution.

So simple math: if you are earning $50,000 and you contribute 10% each year ($5,000), then your employer will contribute a matching amount the first 6% that is $3,000. So now you have a total of $8,000 starting to work for you each year.

But, say you work there 20 years and do not contribute a dime, then you gave up over $60,000! And if that $3,000 only compounded at 7% per year with dividends plus growth, you are missing out on $122,986, not to mention the tens of thousands of dollar of taxes savings that will be working for you if you are an intelligent investor.

And keep you money in a traditional 401(k) Plan and not a Roth.

4fatcat 001

Please do note: Each company has different vesting periods on the money they match, for example the first year is 20% vested, second year is 60% vested then, after three years you are 100% vested. However, there are no vesting periods on the money you contributed for yourself–you are 100% immediately vested, and you can rollover/take this money with you any time you leave the company. In addition, the IRS and sometimes your employer set the limits each year on how much you can contribute each year.

 As of 2015, the limited by the IRS is $18,000 if you are under age 50, but if you are 50 or older (up to age 71-and-a-half), you can do an additional $6,000 for a total of $24,000 per year.

You can read more about investing in one of my very easy to read investment books that are sold everywhere in paperbacks and eBooks such as on Amazon .com, Google play. iTunes Kobo book and Barnes and Noble,  just to name a few

THE FED is Always late to the party

Money Lesson #128: The Federal Reserve Board, (THE FED) is Always late top the party: The earn very good money in the investment world you have to stay ahead of them.

Last month, February 2015, The US Economy add over 295,000 new Jobs! Over 3 million in a year! Unemployment is now at 5.5% Please click the link below to see all the data

This kind of data is solid proof that the American economy is fully recovered. Time for the Fed to get out of the way and raise interest rates NOW!

The people who are currently suffering the most from this very long period of sky-high rates are the millions of people who cannot invest in the stock or real estate market. They are compelled to keep their meager funds in checking/savings accounts that are paying from zero to less than one percent (1%).

There are millions of retirees who have to play it safe by keeping their money in CDs and Money Markets Accounts that are yielding next to nothing. And if you add the taxes that they have to pay, plus inflation, they are losing purchasing power.

Currently, only Big Banks, the Super wealthy, and Mega Corporations are the only ones benefitting by keeping interest rates so low. Big banks are taking the millions of retirees’ dollars and paying them very little while using that same money to lend to only to the very wealthy and the mega-corporation at a higher rates.

Microsoft and Apple who are currently borrowing tens of billions, despite the fact that these two firms have a combined $121 billion in cash that they disclosed on their most recent balance sheet.

(Microsoft currently has closed to $90 billion in cash and Apple has $32 billion and this what they have disclosed–this does not include the tens of billions they are hiding offshore.)simple

The history of the FED is that they are always too late or too early–they have NEVER gotten it right. If they knew what they were doing, we would never have had the housing bubble that caused the recession that started in 2008 in the first place. Did they step in the first place? No!

Taking too long to raise interest rates is causing new bubbles in Stocks and the Housing Market. Remember Alan Greenspan, the former Fed Chairperson who raised interest rate eleven times, trying to cool down the US economy? He just kept his foot on the gas and eventually rates got so high that the US economy did not just slow down–it collapsed.

Yes, the recession is over, and the Fed needs to learn from their past mistakes. Time to move on and raise interest rates, this will take help to keep the stock market and the housing market from over inflating and creating future problems.
YES!! NOTE to The Federal Reserve Board (THE FED): It is time to start raising interest rates


It is All Greek To Me?

I am shocked that anyone would invest or not invest their money based on the Greek Financial problems?

The Greeks having Financial crisis is the same as a cat hacking up hairballs. It is their way of life, get use to it!

greek to me

Tune out the noise and learn how to invest in safer ways by reading one of my books. If you do not have a lot of time on your hand, just read chapter 19 ” The Interview” in my New Book  “Simpler, Safer Investing: How NOT to Lose Money, Over 110 Years of Investing History Cannot be Wrong” and I guaranteed The chance of you ever making foolish investing with your money is very slim.

The Hacking of America

Why We All Have Been Already Hacked!

Hacked! 80-plus million Anthem-Blue Cross, over 60 million Target Stores, over 56 million Home Depot,  JP Morgan has been hacked over 76 million …  E*Trade?

And these are just the ones who are coming forward . There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies who have not come forward.

We all know that Facebook has been hacked many times, and they boast that they have over a billion users.

However, they have not been forthright about this because it would be very damaging to them.

Here is a direct quote from James Comey, the FBI Director; “There are two type of companies in the United States; those that are hacked and those that do not know they have been hacked.”

The Hacking of AmericaWhen the Anthem, Inc (ANTM) the health insurance providers were hacked on January 29, 2015, most people just yawned and moved on with their daily life.

And why should they worry? This type of hacking is now commonplace–so many companies like Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan, E*TRADE  have come forward and announce that they were hacked (and I imagine many are not being honest by not coming forward).

One of the frightening things about these companies that have been hacked is that the ones that come forward always delay telling us about the hacking of our personal data. They never tell us immediately of the hacking, it is always months later, and the information they release is always in a drip, drip manner.

Example, they would say they only got names and addresses, and it is only 40 million. A week or so later, they say it is 60 million, and they did get social security numbers. Only a week later, they say that the hacker got all your information, and  it is over 80 million.

And to try and appease you, your consolation prize is one lousy year of free monitoring by the very same credit agencies that sold them your information in the first place.

We All Have Been Hacked!

Per : “Banks are hit by cyber attacks every and the one good news for us is that the banks, not you, are liable for any stolen funds as a result of cyber crime”  (

I am 100% sure if you do not have an account that has been hacked, you will and soon.

As a matter of fact, all of our data has been hacked/exposed.

Here is why I am so sure; when you call your credit card company, your cable company or your phone company, who answers the phone these days?

I am 99.9% sure when call your calls get rerouted; they go to someone, somewhere overseas. We’ve all been tempted to hang up on some phone rep with a heavy unintelligible accent. You see, in the race to save money on employee labor costs, all and I mean ALL of your person information is somewhere overseas.

And if you have a credit card or a debit card, not only your information out there, but also your children’s, and all your relatives/next of kin’s data is in many locations overseas.

Stop and think: If multi-million  dollar companies such as Comcast are paying people .20 per hour and this very low paid employee has a chance to make $1 million, what would you do think they are going to do, if some unscrupulous person or group offer them a lot of money for your personal data?

What is going to stop these employees from selling the security codes to someone who will pay them a thousand times the money they are earning at under one USD per hour. And even if they get caught, who is going to prosecute them? Remember, most of the US laws and rules stop at the border.

In addition to someone who is getting paid slave labor who have access to your data, all you personal  data is being backed up constantly off shores.

Your FICO Score is Not Legally Yours?

We all have a credit or debit card of some type in our purse, pocket or wallet and there are no secrets that Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), the owner of your credit score,

Yes, you read that right; they own your credit score, not you. FICO sells not just your personal information, they sell your children’s, your mom and dad, your sisters and brothers, your aunts and uncles, your niece and nephews and an and all who are related to you every nanosecond.

I will further prove this to you there is a company/website call  who, with just your name and a bit more information, can track down all of your lost ancestors with just a few clicks on the web in no time. How do you think they get that information? That information is pulled directly from your credit files for a fee, of course.

I have friends, and I am sure you too, who will tell you that they are not on Facebook or any of the social media sites because they “want to keep their privacy”  to which I reply do you have a credit card, a debit card or have ever taken out a loan for a car or a mortgage and when they reply “Yes.”  I say your privacy went the way of the Dodo bird.

Sad to say, but all you information is out there and with the outsourcing of jobs to very low wage earners overseas, your personal data is everywhere!

Hacking of our pesonal data

How Can You Protect Yourself?

While all you persona data can get in the hands of almost anyone with just a click, there are still some ways you can protect yourself from been taken financially:

1) As I mentioned  above per, banks, not you are liable for any stolen funds as a result of cyber crime. Thank you, FDIC!

2) Do have a lengthy and strong password that has nothing to do with your name or your family members name. You would be surprised as to home many people  password is “password” or “1234”  or “12345” or “123456”

3) When you get an email from any financial institution asking you to contact them by email, Do Not reply to the email, print it out and then call the company if you have an account with them.

4) The IRS does not send out emails–do not reply to any email that is from the IRS. Again print out and call the IRS to inform them of the email.

5) If anyone from any financial intuition calls you even if you have an account with them, simply say, “I am busy at the moment can you please give me your full name, your company main phone number and your extension and I will call you back. Then do call back the main line and asked if the person who call you work there.

6) Get your free, and I mean Free, (it is the law you are entitled to a no-cost credit report for free every 12 months) At least once a year, go over it with fine tooth comb.

7) Getting Hacked is the new reality, and it is something we have to live with until a 12-year-old solves this problem.

Thanks for reading my blog, please share with someone or people  you love.

Love Always


10 Consistent Things About the Stock Market

Mr Warren BuffetThe US Stock Market continues to record all-time highs with just over a month left to go in 2014. Here are ten facts about the stock market that you should know which have remained the same for over 150 years. 

1) The Stock Markets will go up and go down but will always go back up higher

It will go up! (AKA “Bull Market”) and it will go down!!! “Crash” or “Correct” as the general media will call it, or “Bear Market”, and you cannot do anything about that. FACT: It does correct and go down, but it has always gone much higher each time for over 150 years. Knowing this, intelligent investors always keep some money in the stock market, they never do the as foolish investors do and bail out completely. 

2) The Five Percent Group

Despite the fact that we are living in one of the most opportune economic times in the history of human time on earth, only an estimated 1-5% of people still will do well in the stock market. This has been true for over 150 years. And for reasons that I really cannot explain, this will most likely remain true for the next 150-plus years.

3) Mixing Emotion and Investing
Most people invest using just emotions or gut feelings. Using this method, they will only invest when the market is doing very well. When they feel good about it, they buy stocks and when they feel bad about it they sell.

People always asked me, “How do you feel about the stock markets?” And I always reply; “The stock market has nothing to do with emotions or feelings.”
– Sherwin Presley Brown

Mixing emotion with investing in the stock market is a deadly combination. It is a ticking time bomb; sooner, rather than later, your emotion will get in the way, and you are going to lose your hard-earned money. If you invest with emotions, you are guaranteed to make foolish mistakes by buying at the wrong time and selling at the wrong time.

4) Chasing Hot Stock Tips and only imagining the stock market can only go up!

If you are one of those people who invests by watching the news, who thinks that a stock should only go up and find yourself checking your stocks every day hoping they will go up and cannot imagine your portfolio going down by at least 20%, then you are going to be one of the 95% who always loses money in the market.

These are same people will sell off at the bottom. They will pay $100 per share for Apple stock and, because of emotion, will sell it at $55 per share. This is always very surprising to me that these investors will wait on the sidelines for a few years until the media says how well Apple is doing. They get upset at themselves and say; “I should have never sold,” and buy back the stock at $150 per share. THEN, when it drives another 40% down to $90 again because some TV analyst says something bad about the stock, they will again panic and sell off again. I have repeatedly seen otherwise very smart professional people do this over and over and over. 

5) Marketing Gimmicks and Tricks Used by Mutual fund companies and others  

Wall Street, investment and brokerages firms, banks and the most clandestine of all Mutual Funds companies, will always come up with some new marketing gimmick and tricks to find a way to legally scam away some of your money. Whether it is done with fees, hidden expenses, commissions, somehow they get your money. You have seen all those slick ads; they are all designed to lure you in to take some of your money…

About five years ago, it was the new target dates, target allocations  and lifelines funds, for example, Target Year 2010, Target2020  75/25% Retirement date, Target Dates Series  2030,  Target  retirement 2040, and so on. Now the new exciting  gimmicks are ETFs! 

If you pay attention, you will notice as soon as one fund companies comes up with  a new marketing gimmick, the rest follows immediately.  

6) It will never go to zero – Guaranteed
The Stock Market as a whole will never go to zero. Why you ask? Because, there is usually someone one buying the very Apple stock you bought for $150 and are now selling off at $90 per share.

The people buying are the intelligent investors who always sell off some in happy euphoric times as we are currently  experiencing  in late 2104  . That is; they sell off enough to take out their original investment/principal plus some of their gains, but they always leave some invested. This is known as a “sweet spot” in investing.

For more on this, please see the chapter entitled: “The Investment Sweet Spot: The Place Warren Buffet Loves and Where You Want to Be,” from my latest book, “Simpler, Safer Investing: How NOT to Lose Money, Over 110 Years of Investing History Cannot be Wrong.”

Again this has been going on for over 150 years and will probably never change. 

7) Timing the Stock Market 

You and even the investment geniuses and gurus such as yours truly can never time the market by figuring when to get in and get out with all your investments.

One of the richest persons the world, Warren Buffet, who is now over 84 years old and has been investing since he was 12-years-old put it best.

The Stock Market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient.” –Warren Buffett 

Is Mr. Buffet a smart person? Yes, but he is using the same tools that we all have at our discretion: time and patience. He has never written a tell-all book about what is secrets are, but if you look at his holdings it is very easy to figure out what he does. 

He used time, and he is very patient. Even though it can take years, he will wait until the 95% of the market is panicked, sell off their stocks that they bought at a very high price and are now selling off at 40% or less of what they paid. 

Buffet never chases or buys the hot stock that the 95% of the crowd are buying because of one reason: It is going UP!  He never buys based on rumors or hot tips! 

What is clearly in his portfolio holdings (public info for all to see) are companies that produce and sell goods and services that we and tens of millions of people ALL MUST USE and CONSUME EACH DAY, like food, insurance, gasoline, and freight trains, etc. 

For example, people send a check to their gas and electric companies every month for over sixty years and never stop and think, “Wait a minute! I am not the only one who is forced to send them a check. All my neighbors and friends and the other millions who live in my state, plus all the businesses and government offices in that state, must pay, too!” 

Again, this has been going on for over 150 years and will never change. 

8) It takes very little to start building wealth:

It does not take a lot of money to start getting on your part to financial success. Did you know that $40 invested in Coca-Cola in 1919 is worth over $11 million as of 2014? But, what I find remarkable is that they are one of the simplest companies if you stop and think about it. They basically sell three things (four, if you believe the urban myth that Coca-Cola is spiked with cocaine): water, sugar, and food coloring. 

Did you know that, just like your gas and electric company take the money directly from your checking account each month for their services, you can also have them take out a small amount (as low as $25 per month) of money so you can buy in this very same company? 

By doing this,  in 25 years, they will be sending you more money than you send them? 

This one  way, you can start buying shares of the company directly without any cost to yourself to invest in this company. 

9)  It gets easier over time to invest in the stock market

As technology continues to make our lives much better, is it also now much easier to invest in the stock market. Yes, it now takes one simple phone call or a few clicks on your computer. This was not common just 25 years ago—it was only available to less than 10% of us. But not anymore. 

The investment playing field is much more level in 2014. You can no longer use that old excuse; that it is too hard, and it is only for the rich. Time and patience are your best allies in getting wealthy in the stock market. 

10: The “I Will Do It Tomorrow Crowd,” the other 95%

No action on your part: The good news is that you are in the company of the other 90% plus of people who put things off for most if not all their lives. The bad news is that you will do nothing, and will end up having nothing just like them. 

Don’t be one of the many who fail to take action, change your life or the future of you family lives. Do something! It is a lot simpler than you think.

Just Do It! Yes, you can with only a few shares of Nike!  So the next time you pay $100 for a pair of Nike Shoes for your kid, make sure you Google them and call them up and tell then you want to invest directly in their company without having to pay any fee or cost. They will usher you to their Direct Reinvestment  Investment Program  Page better known as “DRIP.” 

Again, this calls for three good quotes by very famous people. Enjoy! 

1.    Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after     you begin to earn more. –Jack Benny

2.    A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. –Lao Tzu

3.   Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.