Did you know that each year, millions of Americans do not take Free Money given to them by their employers?

If you have a 401(k) , 403(b) , 457, TSP, or a RRSP Plan, etc., at work where your employer will match your contributions and you do not sign up for it to save money for your retirement and, then you are indeed walking away from free money each year.

Easy Math: Your Employer matches 50% of your contribution up to 6% and you make $50,000 each year.Six percent of $50,000 = $3,000, 50% of $3,000 = $1,500! If you do not sign up each year, you are walking away from $1,500  each year!

Here is where it gets worse:
1.) $1,500 at say 12.5% ( reinvested dividends plus) per year compounding for 25 years = $216,031! If you miss out on that, OUCH!
2.) If you add in your own $3,000 contribution + $1,500 = $4,500 at 12.5%  per year you are looking at $648,093.

If you planned to live to say 85 or longer and say you are 39 or bit older and you have 30 years before you retire, You would be a millionaire with $1,196,758.98 !!!    

Now you see why you should buy more than one copy of my, Book “Safer 401(k) Investing”, and give one to a family member or a very good friend; just by paying less than $17.00, you will now have over $1,196,758.98  in your retirement accounts. Talk about a Return-on-Investment!

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Have a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Day!

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Sherwin Brown

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Sherwin has been an entrepreneur since he was twelve years old. He currently teaches, writes, and speaks to people about how to improve and safeguard all aspects of their financial portfolios.