The Hacking of America

Why We All Have Been Already Hacked!

Hacked! 80-plus million Anthem-Blue Cross, over 60 million Target Stores, over 56 million Home Depot,  JP Morgan has been hacked over 76 million …  E*Trade?

And these are just the ones who are coming forward . There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies who have not come forward.

We all know that Facebook has been hacked many times, and they boast that they have over a billion users.

However, they have not been forthright about this because it would be very damaging to them.

Here is a direct quote from James Comey, the FBI Director; “There are two type of companies in the United States; those that are hacked and those that do not know they have been hacked.”

The Hacking of AmericaWhen the Anthem, Inc (ANTM) the health insurance providers were hacked on January 29, 2015, most people just yawned and moved on with their daily life.

And why should they worry? This type of hacking is now commonplace–so many companies like Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan, E*TRADE  have come forward and announce that they were hacked (and I imagine many are not being honest by not coming forward).

One of the frightening things about these companies that have been hacked is that the ones that come forward always delay telling us about the hacking of our personal data. They never tell us immediately of the hacking, it is always months later, and the information they release is always in a drip, drip manner.

Example, they would say they only got names and addresses, and it is only 40 million. A week or so later, they say it is 60 million, and they did get social security numbers. Only a week later, they say that the hacker got all your information, and  it is over 80 million.

And to try and appease you, your consolation prize is one lousy year of free monitoring by the very same credit agencies that sold them your information in the first place.

We All Have Been Hacked!

Per : “Banks are hit by cyber attacks every and the one good news for us is that the banks, not you, are liable for any stolen funds as a result of cyber crime”  (

I am 100% sure if you do not have an account that has been hacked, you will and soon.

As a matter of fact, all of our data has been hacked/exposed.

Here is why I am so sure; when you call your credit card company, your cable company or your phone company, who answers the phone these days?

I am 99.9% sure when call your calls get rerouted; they go to someone, somewhere overseas. We’ve all been tempted to hang up on some phone rep with a heavy unintelligible accent. You see, in the race to save money on employee labor costs, all and I mean ALL of your person information is somewhere overseas.

And if you have a credit card or a debit card, not only your information out there, but also your children’s, and all your relatives/next of kin’s data is in many locations overseas.

Stop and think: If multi-million  dollar companies such as Comcast are paying people .20 per hour and this very low paid employee has a chance to make $1 million, what would you do think they are going to do, if some unscrupulous person or group offer them a lot of money for your personal data?

What is going to stop these employees from selling the security codes to someone who will pay them a thousand times the money they are earning at under one USD per hour. And even if they get caught, who is going to prosecute them? Remember, most of the US laws and rules stop at the border.

In addition to someone who is getting paid slave labor who have access to your data, all you personal  data is being backed up constantly off shores.

Your FICO Score is Not Legally Yours?

We all have a credit or debit card of some type in our purse, pocket or wallet and there are no secrets that Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), the owner of your credit score,

Yes, you read that right; they own your credit score, not you. FICO sells not just your personal information, they sell your children’s, your mom and dad, your sisters and brothers, your aunts and uncles, your niece and nephews and an and all who are related to you every nanosecond.

I will further prove this to you there is a company/website call  who, with just your name and a bit more information, can track down all of your lost ancestors with just a few clicks on the web in no time. How do you think they get that information? That information is pulled directly from your credit files for a fee, of course.

I have friends, and I am sure you too, who will tell you that they are not on Facebook or any of the social media sites because they “want to keep their privacy”  to which I reply do you have a credit card, a debit card or have ever taken out a loan for a car or a mortgage and when they reply “Yes.”  I say your privacy went the way of the Dodo bird.

Sad to say, but all you information is out there and with the outsourcing of jobs to very low wage earners overseas, your personal data is everywhere!

Hacking of our pesonal data

How Can You Protect Yourself?

While all you persona data can get in the hands of almost anyone with just a click, there are still some ways you can protect yourself from been taken financially:

1) As I mentioned  above per, banks, not you are liable for any stolen funds as a result of cyber crime. Thank you, FDIC!

2) Do have a lengthy and strong password that has nothing to do with your name or your family members name. You would be surprised as to home many people  password is “password” or “1234”  or “12345” or “123456”

3) When you get an email from any financial institution asking you to contact them by email, Do Not reply to the email, print it out and then call the company if you have an account with them.

4) The IRS does not send out emails–do not reply to any email that is from the IRS. Again print out and call the IRS to inform them of the email.

5) If anyone from any financial intuition calls you even if you have an account with them, simply say, “I am busy at the moment can you please give me your full name, your company main phone number and your extension and I will call you back. Then do call back the main line and asked if the person who call you work there.

6) Get your free, and I mean Free, (it is the law you are entitled to a no-cost credit report for free every 12 months) At least once a year, go over it with fine tooth comb.

7) Getting Hacked is the new reality, and it is something we have to live with until a 12-year-old solves this problem.

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Love Always


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