Is The Stock Market Rigged?

Is the stock market rigged? Why does the Dow seem to be at stuck at 18,000 for the past few months: April -June of 2015?

Maybe or maybe not?

Why do the people–the Editors of the Wall Street Journal, parent company of the Dow Jones & Co.–who run the DOW, the thirty stocks (yes this may shock you but there are only 30 stocks that make up the all powerful Dow Jones Industrial Average) keep shuffling so many companies in and out in the past six years? Keep in mind; in the 128 years history of the DOW, they have only made 53 changes and average 1 every 2.4  years, but since 2008, they have made ten changes–that is about one shuffle every six months. drip 2The DOW Jones lately reminds me of the twin brother marathon runners where only one brother starts the race and soon as he is tired, the other brother slips in for a few miles. As soon as he is tired, the they repeat the process and eventually win the race.

Now tell me that is not rigged?

Yes–in my opinion it is rigged! However, that is something you cannot control, but here is a sure way for you to win at this game and safely earn a lot more money.

Just in case some person or entity(s) is fixing the stock market, here is what you have the power to control when it comes to investing in the stock markets. You can earn millions of dollars over time by how and where you invest your money.

Invest in only the companies whose products and services you and millions of people MUST (Yes, MUST is the key word here) buy and use each day i.e. Do you, or someone one you know, must take a life-saving drugs or even simpler, do you put gas in your car weekly or pay your utility company monthly  for your gas and electric use? drip 1Even simpler, how do you pay for most things such as your Nike shoes? Are you one of the over billion of people that use a Visa or Mastercard?

Also, to further protect the money you invest, make sure these companies pay at least an increasing quarterly cash dividend. Also, have the dividends reinvested in more of the same shares of the company; enroll your shares in a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). Drip phots

Remember, “Don’t hate the players, be part of the winning team.”

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