My Stock Pick for this Month : Aqua America Inc. (WTR)

 My Stock Pick  for this Month:  Aqua America Inc. (WTR)

Better yet, for the rest of you and your family’s lives, simply put:  Water. I love this stock because no one can live without water for very long :

They are very good at increasing their quarterly dividends over the years: A $1,000 investment in this company, when they first came public in 1987, would be worth $90,740.74 as of today (09-4-2013). 

Remember; the only proven long-term safer investment strategy over the past 100 years has been buying and holding strong dividend paying companies, ones that make and provide products and services that the masses (that is, you and millions of other people) have to use and consume each day. 

Remember that Coca Cola a company that sells the most basic product; water, sugar and food coloring. If your great grand parents had invested only $40 to buy 1 Share when KO first went public, through reinvested dividends it would be worth over $10.8 Million today:

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