My stock pick of the week

My stock pick of the week is: NAVIOS MARITIME PARTNERS L.P (NMM)

With a current 12.3% annual dividend yield, it a bit of risk, where the dividends may get reduce, but they have been actually slowly increasing their quarterly dividends  from $. 017 starting in 2008 to now  a $.443. In addition, their  balance sheet remain okay, even when the rest of the shipping business have been having trouble with way too many ships. They also have a very strong foothold  in Latin America which is growing  at a rapid pace.

Again, remember all investment carry some risk, so this is an investment  for  people who can wait for  a minimum of 5 years, that is money you will need in the next 5 years should never be in the stock market . And no matter how good, investments, DO NOT put all you money in anyone such investment ( see my book ” Safer 401K Investing” on my 30/70%

If you work, then make sure your money work even  harder for you, Have a Happy Healthy and Wealthy Day

Love Always


Sherwin Brown

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