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Your walk of money “What Is Your Walk Of “?

If you sell off Everything you own and Pay off Everyone you owe, how much is your walk off amount $?

Yes, what is your Net worth? If you sell off all you assets and pay off all you liabilities, how much would you have to take with you to you Paradise dream Island such as Jamaica or Tahiti?

This is a Number you must know if you truly want to be wealthy :

1) Mutual Fund v. Individual Stocks: 

Which one did better? Fidelity, the largest Mutual Fund at $108.50 billion or an Individual online retailer stock? 

If you had invested $10,000 in Fidelity’s largest Mega Fund, The Fidelity Contra (FCNTX) [Net Asset Value of $108.50 Billion] in May 16,1997 – Mar. 1, 2014, (16 years and 10 months), you would now have $51,897.

But, say you put that same $10,000 in an Online Retailer Stock Company:  (AMNZN). You would now have $2,081,676: YES, over 2 million US dollars – that’s over 40 times more than if you had invested in Fidelity Contra Fund!  

 $51,897.00 v. $2,081,676.00.00! Need I say more?

2)Mutual Fund   VS   Individual Stocks:

Which would you want?  $39,889.64 or $200,000 

Vanguard, the largest Mutual Fund (VTSMX) or an Individual Real Estate Stock?

If you had invested $10,000 invested in Vanguard, the largest Mega Fund (VTSMX) [Net Asset Value of $301.98 Billion] in June 20,1996 (Now Feb. 25,2014, just under 18 years), you would now have $39,889.64!

But, say you put that same $10,000 in a Dividend Real Estate Company: REIT Realty Income Corporation (O). You would now have $200,000.00—that’s over 5 times more than if you had invested in Vanguard. Do you still like Mutual Funds? Or will you keep your head in the sand while these fund companies just keep nibbling away at your hard earn money with fees?

Try this for yourself: Pick any individual company that pays increasing dividends. This is very simple; think of a company where you and millions of people use their products and services on a daily basis, like toothpaste or soap and go back as far as you can (be warned: the Mutual Fund companies try to hide their bad historical years) and run a test against the Mutual Fund you have in your 401(k), IRA or other investment instruments. 

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