A couple quick questions


1) Do you know anyone who shops at Walmart?

2) Did you know that Walmart sells $14,998.10 worth of goods and services per second each day? In other words, by the time you finish reading this, they will have sold over $1 million dollars of goods and services. Each year their total sales are over $479.9 billion — yes, that is billion with a B.

Okay, I hear a few of you saying you do not shop at Walmart.

3) Did you know that Wal-Mart is so large and powerful, they set the price for most of the things you and most people in the world buy and consume each day?

4) Did you know that they also employ over two million people?

5) Last question: Do you own the stock?

No? Why would you not want a piece of this wealth-making American pie? (Actually this was a trick question because chances are if you invest in a mutual fund,401(k) or any other work-related retirement plan, you indirectly own the stock.) But if you truly want to be rich or get wealthier, this is one stock you should own shares of Walmart at least for the next 25 years.  


Sherwin Brown

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Sherwin has been an entrepreneur since he was twelve years old. He currently teaches, writes, and speaks to people about how to improve and safeguard all aspects of their financial portfolios.