Summer 2015 Stock Sell Off!

Summer 2015: The Usual Summer Stock Sale Is Finally Here !!

Hope you and your loved ones have had a very happy and fun Summer!! .

It has been an unusually busy one for me.

Markets Update:

Buy When There is Fear, Sell When People Get Greedy. The August Stock Sell Off

The usual summer stock sale is finally here.

For awhile there, I thought we wouldn’t have a stock sell off this year but, thanks to the secret crisis in China and the annual crisis of bankrupted Greece, we now have the annual summer dumping of stocks! These are the times I have been telling you about for years; this is a time in the market when the emotional investor will panic and sell … even if it means losing money.

Folks, you don’t make money by buying high and selling low. Especially when everyone is doing a stock sell off

So, what should you do in August 2015 when everyone is sell, sell, selling? If I were you, I would be Buy! Buy! Buying!

This is where the intelligent investor searches for bargains in safer dividend-paying stocks. These are company stocks where millions of people must buy and use their products and services every day.

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Warren Buffetts only two rlues

I wrote this blog ” Beware of the Ides of August below, three years ago:

***” Beware of the Ides of August

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