Who is better for your money in the White House?

Who is better for your money in the White House ?

GOP VS DEM: Stock Market (The Dow) Performance

Stock Market (The Dow) Performance under the past two and current USA presidents:

Bill W Clinton: 8 Years 1992- 2001: Up 225%

20-Jan-92 3,254.03

19-Jan-01 10,587.59

George W. Bush: 8 Years 2000-2009: DOWN 28%

20-Jan-00 11,489.36

19-Jan-09 8,215.67

Barack H. Obama:: 2009-2013 UP 96%  (in only 4 Years  and 10 months)

20-Jan-09:  7,949.09

01-Nov-13:  15,615.55


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